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How to shop with your Color Palette (for men)

Do you look better in cool or warm colors of  clothing?  Come over for color analysis to find out about your best colors that make you look fit, healthy  and give a brisk to your appearance! I use advanced color  analysis to determine a harmony and unique alliance between colors of your skin, hair and eyes and colors of your clothing.  From the analysis results, I prepare a custom palette that content all colors that enhance your natural coloring!  The palette  is portable and comes in a small   pouch. It is perfect for shopping!   

Spend the most you can afford on your basic wardrobe! It is a  back bone of your  wardrobe!


- When you find a color that is not in your palette, fan your  palette’s colors and look for a blending. You do not need to match colors exactly.  They can be slightly lighter, darker, brighter, or softer.

- To help you visualize color, a basic color, or a color of clothing you already own, take other colors from your palette one or two at a time and you can see how they will go together.

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