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If you are in personal services such as Bridal Shop, Accessories or Fashion Boutique, Hair or Nail Salon, Dressmaking, Fabrics, Clothing or Shoes Supplier, Tailor or Event Planner, Interior Designer, Weight Loss Professional or Cosmetic Surgeon, Jeweler, Photographer, Model and Talent Agency wner, Eye Frame Supplier, Community Center Leader, Sport, Fitness, or Health  Club Manager, or a Senior Club leader, or may be provider of other professional services that related to beauty, this Color Training  is for you! 

nformation obtained during the course is also beneficial for  professionals who would like to expand their business  with  color services. This course is designed for any creative individuals who like to help people to look their best with colors, clothing styles, makeup and accessories.With rewarding knowledge  gained from this course sales representatives  can increase their sales in makeup, clothing, accessories.
For individuals and small groups!   Professional Color Kit included.  
After completion of this training you will be able to:


- Perform personal color analysis and determination of the best enhancing colors
for client's clothing, accessories,  makeup and home interiors,

- Match, compose  and put together colors for personal color palettes for clients,

- Create  instructions for clients about efficient and productive  way for shopping,
(shopping  with a personal color palette for clothing, accessories and makeup will save
your  money and time and help to build practical and versatile wardrobe),

- Compose a personal color manual (practical handouts, that remind client her/his color analysis results and color suggestions),

- Suggest  illusion dressing technique (colors combination to balance  body proportions),

- Recommend colors for clothing styles,

- Recommend makeup colors for variety of skin tones,

- Recommend  makeup selection for different age groups,

- Inform clients about color meanings and psychology of colors,

- Suggest  color combinations for outfits according to a work environment  and professional  status,

- Present color workshops for social groups and businesses,

- Manage, market, and develop a color business

Color Training  will help you to expand your services, increase your sales, attract more customers and make them more loyal and grateful for your professional and personalized services! 

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