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Accessories are an integral part of our personal style, our wardrobe is never quite complete without accessories. Accessories pull everything together and add a unique personal touch to our look.

They help to transform wardrobe from casual to business and from day wear to elegant. They help us to update wardrobe from one season to the next. They also can help to focus attention on specific areas. Accessories that are close to our face  are especially  important. Face shapes plays a very important role in helping to coordinate your accessories.


Accessories can add or reduce our appeal, because they can draw attention to our best or worse features. An unbalanced look creates distraction and may cause confusion. With the right accessories, clothing and colors we can make an impression of being successful, in harmony, and in balance.

Examples of different face shapes

face shape analysis.jpg

From left  to right:diamond, square, oval, rectangular, round, combined.

The mission of accessories is to mimic and balance your face shape. Here are some fragments from consultation about the face shape and  choosing  right accessories to compliment your facial features.

Here are some fragments from Face Shape Analysis consultation

accessories_for_diamond_face with_vicky_pics_1.jpg

Consultation includes:

 - definition of you face shape, 
 - indentifying  the most flattering prints, accessories, necklines  
   and hair style for your face shape,
 - practicing with necklines and accessories from my collection:
   eye glasses frames, prints, collars, lapels, necklines, ties (earrings, necklaces,
   scarves – for women),
- handouts and tips on correct accessories, hairstyles, etc…


After consultation you will be able to choose  the most flattering hairstyles, necklines, collars, lapels, prints, jewelry and ccessories  that balance, enhance and accentuate your facial features. You will know how to accessorize to achieve a look that best represents your personal style expression.


1 hour for women - $50, 40 min for men - $40

Compliment your face with the correct accessories and see how these simple changes
will improve your appearance!

Call to schedule your consultation in Florida: 352-633-3683, 617-686-7787 - Tatiana,
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