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"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."  Coco Channel

Color is the main attribute of your image. Appropriate colors  significantly  enhance your image. Color Test is the first step of your image transformation.

I use most advanced color analysis system that based on precise measurements of individual human coloring and provides a great selection of flattering and enhancing colors for each individual. The result is your Personal Color Palette/Swatch with your best 4 categories of colors, that offer an  alliance or unification beetwen your natural coloring and wardrobe coloring.

                                    Some  fragments of Color Analysis consultation



The right colors make a difference and are very beneficial for your appearance:

they minimize all facial imperfections – lines, shadows, blemishes, and scars;

they make skin complexion look even and healthy,

jaw line looks more defined; eyes – bright and sparkling;

you are connected and in harmony with your colors.

Your best colors enhance the features of your face.

With the right colors you look more youthful and fitter in any clothing.

The result of your color analysis is personal Color Palette that represent your best enhancing colors (30-50) for wardrobe, accessories and makeup (for women).

The Personal Color Palette  helps you to shop wisely, save your precious time and money
and build a closet full of clothing you wear again and again!   


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